Redecorating Your Rental to Suit Your Needs

by Ioana Stefan on October 18, 2021

People who live in rented homes or apartments might feel like their space does not always fit their needs. Indeed, renters are often limited in what changes they're allowed to make. However, with a little interior decorating, a rental can be transformed to accommodate a variety of households. Here are four ways to redecorate your space to better suit your lifestyle from Kalma Homes.


Balanced and Functional Offices

For renters who work from home, it's essential to set up a home workspace that is both functional and harmonious. recommends incorporating the concepts of feng shui when redecorating your home office. Feng shui is a traditional Chinese discipline that focuses on balancing energies within a space by optimizing the placement of furniture, accessories, and even the room itself.


When positioning a desk in your home office, try placing it in a "commanding position," somewhere with a view of the door that allows you to see much of the room. If you have to place your desk against a wall, you can hang a mirror above it to expand your outlook.


Add accessories to complete the look, such as fluorite crystals for focus or a few green plants to encourage growth. Houseplants such as philodendron, money trees, and jade cleanse the room and radiate good energy.


Creative Color in Kids' Rooms

A survey shows that only 6% of apartment renters are families, and unfortunately, many rentals aren't set up with kids in mind. You can redecorate your place to better suit your kids by using color creatively, especially in their bedrooms.


Different colors can have various effects on the ambiance of a room. For example, blues and greens are often calming, while bright reds and yellows tend to be stimulating. Try using paint colors to create different spaces within your child's room, such as a soothing sleep zone, an energized study area, and a playful toy corner. If you cannot paint the walls in your rental, look for boldly colored furniture to add a pop of vibrancy.


Relaxing and Luxurious Fabrics

Your home should be a place where you can rest and recharge. Decorating with luxurious and comfortable fabrics is a great way to create relaxing spaces in your rental.


In your bedroom, consider upgrading your sheets and duvet cover to change the look and feel of your room. Look for bedsheets with a thread count of around 400-600, and remember that higher thread counts aren't always better. A thread count any higher than 800 may be too dense or stiff depending on the fabric. Get luxury cotton sheets at the Kalma Homes shop.


You can also customize your furniture by having pieces reupholstered or do it yourself for a fun, affordable home improvement project. Select durable fabrics with calming colors and cozy textures to decorate your tranquil living space.


Sophisticated Lighting for Entertaining

Lighting can be one of the more complicated features to change in a rental. If you like to entertain guests and throw dinner parties, focus on adding warm, inviting light in your dining space when redecorating your home.


Place a pair of lamps on a sideboard or buffet for a classic look that adds illumination without appearing harsh. Candles are intimate and sophisticated in a dining room, too. Look for decorative votives to set on side tables or a statement candelabra to use as a centerpiece.


Renting a place shouldn't stop you from making yourself at home. Meet your needs and make your rental uniquely yours by redecorating with new colors, fabrics, lighting and design methods like feng shui.

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