by Ioana Stefan on March 31, 2021




How to store bed linens


How to store bed linens correctly over extended periods of time is a question we get asked frequently.  Whether it’s a change in seasons or just to update the look of your bedroom, you will at some point need to rotate and store your bedding. To keep your sheets fresh and crisp in storage, follow our guide below.


If you want to make sure your sheets don’t come out smelling musty or looking discoloured, the first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean them. Wash your sheets even if you don’t think they look dirty because even small traces skin cells or body oils can discolour your sheets over time, or worse – attract all kinds of pests which like to feast on the dirt along with the fabric. Also ensure your sheets are completely dry before putting in storage.

Getting bed sheets ready for storage


Keeping moisture away from your sheets is critical. Humidity promotes mould and mildew, makes your sheets smell musty and can cause yellowing or stains.

Ideally your bed sheets should be stored in a linen closet, however if you don’t have one (or a spare shelf in a wardrobe or cupboard), don’t fret. You can use any area as long as it’s well ventilated, cool and dry and doesn’t get a lot of light, such as ottomans or under-bed storage drawers.

Make sure the storage area doesn’t have any existing odours as any sheets stored there will tend to absorb it. Try placing odour neutralisers such as baking soda in an open container in the storage space to alleviate this.

Moisture-absorbers and desiccants such as silica-gel can be used to reduce humidity if necessary.


The presence of moisture in the air is why you should not store sheets in plastic bags or tubs, they trap moisture and allow mould, mildew and bacteria to breed.

Cardboard and paper tend attract bugs as well as cause discolouration.

Wooden chests are also not advised because they can give off fumes or acids which can cause yellowing and damage the fibres.


To prepare for storage, fold your sheets neatly but do not pack together too tightly so that air can circulate. Place in a cotton, muslin or canvas storage bag, ideally white, which will let the sheets breathe and protect them from dust. If you don’t have one, you can store them inside their pillowcase which has the added advantage of making it easy to identify and sort from other bedding.

Our cotton sheet sets and bedding sets come in handy drawstring bags made of the same material as the sheets and are ideal for storing your bed linens.


Scented sachets such as lavender can be used to give your sheets a subtle aroma, just avoid placing directly on the sheets.

Check on your bed linen while in storage to make sure the space is still airy and dry. And when taking out of storage, give them a refresh by washing and air drying. After all, there’s nothing better than the smell and feel of fresh, crisp and clean sheets!

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